Diego Maradona Tattoos

Diego Maradona is the legendary Argentine football player, consider by many as the best to ever play the game of football.

Diego Maradona currently has five tattoos, including the names of both his daughters "Gianinna and Dalma" on each forearm.

He has a tattoo of the famous Argentine Marxist revolutionary, Che Guevara, on his upper right arm. Diego has been quoted as saying "I carry him on my arm and in my heart. I learned his story, I learned to love him. I think I know the truth about him."

On his left leg is a portrait tattoo of former prime minister of Cuba, Fidel Castro. Diego said "Meeting him was like touching the sky with my hands. What he has done for me is indescribable. Along with God, he is the reason I am alive."

Diego also has a dragon tattooed on his left arm.

Enjoy these pictures of Diego Maradona and his tattoo designs.

LL Cool J Tattoos

LL Cool J (Ladies Love Cool James) is a tremendously talented rapper and actor, who has been tearing up the music charts since 1985 with his debut album, Radio.

LL Cool J definitely has a passion for tattoo artwork, and has a handful of tattoo designs.

On his right arm is a microphone with a kings crown on top, and the name "Mr. Smith" across the handle, the cord of the microphone is quite long and wraps down and around his entire right arm.

On his upper left arm he has a large tattoo which says "Respect" written in a tribal style lettering.

He has seven spiritual symbols from Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire cultures, which run down his left leg. The first symbol stands for "presence of God and protection".

And finally, he has a small script tattoo on his lower stomach, a possible tribute of sorts, however its not clear.

Checkout these pictures of LL Cool J and his tattoos.

Lenny Kravitz Tattoos

Lenny Kravitz is a tremendously talented singer-songwriter and record producer.

Lenny has four tattoos which we known of, including a large Japanese style dragon which spans across the left side of his chest, shoulder and upper left arm area, the ink colors include, black grey and red.

He has a rather large flower patch tattoo on his left forearm, which appears to contain several lilies and daisies among other types of flowers.

Plus an interesting style of cross with little triangles on his right bicep and an autograph script tattoo on his right forearm. Lenny is also rumored to have a new tattoo across the top of his back.

Feast your eyes on these pictures of Lenny Kravitz and his tattoo designs.

LeBron James Tattoos

LeBron James is the extremely talented MVP caliber, NBA basketball player who is also known as, King James.

LeBron has quite a few tattoos on his body, mainly concentrated on his arms and shoulders.

The tattoos on his right arm include, a large lion head on his bicep with the words, "King James", a crown with the name of his mother "Gloria" with a star, plus some flame tattoos on his forearm with the numbers "303" which is his hometown area code.

On his left arm he has a tattoo which reads "Beast" along side "Hold my Own" with a ring of stars, plus a cute portrait of his son LeBron Jr with the words "Prince James" as well as his second sons name "Bryce Maximus" on his forearm.

LeBron also has a large lion with wings on his chest, and the word "Family" running down the right side of his stomach.

Some of his other tattoos include, "L" and "J" on his triceps, "Witness" on his right leg, and perhaps his most famous tattoo is on his back, which read "Chosen1".

Checkout these great pictures of LeBron James and his tattoo designs.

Kobe Bryant Tattoos

Kobe Bryant is a professional NBA basketball player, who has won 4 NBA championships, and was also elected league MVP for the 2007-08 season.

Kobe Bryant has a few tattoos, all of which are on his right arm, including a crown with a butterfly on his upper shoulder, a halo with the hair of his wife Vanessa, along with her name, just below the crown tattoo.

He also has a tattoo of both his daughters names on his right wrist, Gianna and Natalia.

Checkout these pictures of Kobe Bryant and his tattoo designs.

Kenyon Martin Tattoos

Kenyon Martin plays professional basketball in the NBA for the Denver Nuggets.

Kenyon has some rather interesting tattoos on his body, including a tattoo of his girlfriends (Trina) lips, on the right side of his neck behind the ear.

He has a cute portrait of his baby son, on his right arm, and then a tattoo of the grim reaper on his left arm.

Plus he has a huge back piece tattoo, of a cross with the words, "I Shall Fear No Man, But God".

See some pictures of Kenyon Martin's tattoo designs below.

Chris "Birdman" Andersen Tattoos

When it comes to tattoos in the NBA, Chris "Birdman" Andersen is the reigning champ of the most tattoos in basketball.

Many of Chris Andersen's tattoos are on his two arms, these tattoos include, a giant skull wearing a crown, an eagle, chain links, a zombie looking tattoo of himself, two large Chinese symbols, one on each forearm. And of course, his bird wings, which are on the bottom portion of his biceps.

Some of Chris Andersen's other tattoos include, a pit bull dog on his chest, the words "Honky Tonk" on his stomach, and a player making a slam dunk, on his right arm.

Here we have some pictures of Chris Andersen and his tattoo designs.

Justin Timberlake Tattoos

Justin Timberlake is the talented former lead singer of the pop group 'N Sync, and hugely successful solo artist, who has won six Grammy Awards.

Justin Timberlake currently has five tattoo designs on his body, including a beautiful large cross on his upper left arm.

He has a tattoo of a heavenly scene in the clouds with a cherub angel holding a banner with his mother initials, along with the words "Guardian Angel", this tattoo represents dedication to the christian faith and his love for his twin sister, who passed away at birth.

On his left leg, he has a rather simple band around his calf, with the astrological sign of Aquarius. Plus, a small Chinese symbol which stands for music and song.

On his right leg is a 'three in one' tattoo, dedicated to his success while in the group 'N Sync, there is a streak of flames, red carpet type rope and a puppet scene, which pays tribute to their first album, plus the 'celebrity' and 'no strings attached' albums.

Checkout these pictures of Justin Timberlake and his tattoos.

Johnny Depp Tattoos

Johnny Depp is the brilliantly talented and captivating, American born film actor and musician.

At last count, Johnny Depp had fourteen tattoo designs, including a Native American Head on his right bicep, which is a tribute to his ancestral heritage, the name "Betty Sue" inside a heart with tribal marking, which is dedicated to his mother, just above that tattoo is an inverted black triangle.

Johnny has a tattoo which reads "Wino Forever" on his upper right arm, it was originally a tribute to his former girlfriend Winona Ryder, and then read "Winona Forever".

He has the symbol from the movie "The Brave" on the inside of his right forearm, which is the first movie he directed.

The name of his daughter and first born child, "Lily-Rose" is tattooed on the left side of his chest.

A tattoo of a Swallow flying above the ocean during a sunset, with the name of his son "Jack" is on his right forearm.

Some of Johnny Depps's other tattoos include, the number 3 between his thumb and index finger on his left hand, he also has three small rectangles on his right index finger.

His most recent tattoos are, a quote which reads "Silence Exile Cunning" from the book by James Joyce A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Plus three small hearts on his left triceps, for his wife and children "Vanessa, Lily-Rose, Jack".

Johnny also has 3 tattoos on his legs, including a skull and crossbones with the phrase "death is certain", a question mark with an "X" in place of the dot, and three vertical stripes on his lower left leg.

Checkout these pictures of Johnny Depp and his tattoo designs.

Allen Iverson Tattoos

Here we will feature the tattoos of the amazingly talented NBA all star basketball player, Allen Iverson.

Allen Iverson has nearly 20 tattoo designs scattered over his body.

The tattoos on his right arm include, the phrase 'Hold My Own', a skull head with an army helmet, the words 'Cru Thik' and 'Jewelz', plus a large black panther on his forearm.

The tattoos on his left arm include, a cross with the phrase 'Only The Strong Survive', a bulldog with 'The Answer' above it, 'Cru Thik' which is the name of his record company, 'Dynasty Radaz' a name that he and his friends called each other as kids, 'Fear No One' with an evil goblin creature, the word 'Strength' written in ancient Sanskrit, and finally the letters 'NBN'.

Allen Iverson has two tattoos on his chest, one of which is the names of his daughter and son 'Tiaura & Deuce', and the praying hands of Jesus with the initials of his mother and grandmother.

Iverson has a few tattoos on his neck, including two Chinese characters which mean 'loyalty' and the nickname of his childhood friend 'RA Boogie' on the right side of his neck. On the left side of his neck is a spider web with the letters 'C.T', along with 'Virginia' and 'Slim' which is his birth place and perhaps a nickname.

The tattoos on his legs include, 'East End' and 'Cru Thik', both of which run vertically down his legs.

Allen Iverson's newest tattoos are, the word 'FAME' 'F@#!? ALL MY ENEMIES' on his back. Plus 'Money Bagz' with a dollar sign on his left hand.

Checkout these pictures of his tattoo designs.