Tom Araya Tattoos

Tom Araya is an amazingly talented Chilean musician known for being the bass player and vocalist of the thrash metal band, Slayer.

Tom Araya has many tattoos on his body, including two nearly complete sleeves, as well as several other designs on his upper arms and shoulders.

Some of the tattoos on his right arm include, a skull on his upper arm, along with two Kanji characters underneath. Plus many designs within his sleeve, including a star and bio-hazard symbol, plus a bracelet of sorts.

Contained within the sleeve on his left arm is the faces of three women, one of which resembles Jackie Onassis.

Tom also has a handful of other tattoos on his upper left arm and shoulder area, however they are rather difficult to identify clearly.

Rafael Araújo Tattoos

Rafael Araújo is a professinal Brazilian basketball player who has also spent some time in the NBA with the Toronto Raptors and Utah Jazz.

Rafael has quite a few tattoo designs, mainly on his arms and back.

On his left arm is a tattoo of a hand holding a basketball, along with 3 Kanji characters.

On his right arm is a large tattoo of a cartoon style shark with its tongue sticking out, along with a couple more larger Kanji characters, on his bicep and shoulder.

Rafael Araújo also has a rather large tribal style tattoo across the top of his back.

Nicole Appleton Tattoo

Nicole Appleton is a lovely and talented Canadian pop star, known for being a member of the hugely successful pop group "All Saints" and later "Appleton" with her sister Natalie Appleton.

Much like her sister, Nicole Appleton only has one tattoo design.

The tattoo is on the left side of her lower abdomen, and its of the Chinese symbol representing the "Year of the Tiger".

Natalie Appleton Tattoo

Natalie Appleton is a great Canadian pop singer, best known for being a member of the all girls pop group "All Saints" and later as part of the group "Appleton" with her little sister, Nicole Appleton.

Natalie has a single tattoo design on her body, located on her lower back and its of a small bow tie, along with two other unknown symbols.

Fiona Apple Tattoos

Fiona Apple is an extremely talented and creative American singer-songwriter, with a music style influenced by jazz, pop and alternative rock.

Fiona Apple has two tattoo designs which we know of and both are located on her lower back.

She has a tattoo of the letters "KIN" and "FHW" on the lower portion of her back (Not Pictured).

Carmelo Anthony Tattoos

Carmelo Anthony, often referred to as "Melo" is a tremendously talented NBA professional basketball player for the Denver Nuggets, known for his smooth style and clutch jump shots.

Carmelo Anthony is pretty much covered in tattoos, mainly both his arms, chest and back.

Some of the tattoos on his right arm include, a flaming basketball with the letters "C A", the classic "Smile Now Cry Later" faces, but with a dagger in the head of the crying face.

He also has a snake wrapped around a dagger, on the outer portion of his right forearm along with a couple of stars and "Who Can I Trust" on his bicep.

Some of the tattoos on his left arm include, a bulldog with playing cards in the background, his nickname "Melo" with a flaming tribal tattoo design of sorts.

Some of Carmelo Anthony's other tattoo designs include, a spiderweb on his left elbow, "WB" just below his left shoulder, which stands for "West Baltimore".

Melo also has several phrases tattooed on his chest, one of which reads "No struggle, no progress".

Checkout these pictures of Carmelo Anthony and his tattoos.

Marc Anthony Tattoos

Marc Anthony is a Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter and actor, but perhaps best known for his high profile marriage to the beautiful singer/actress Jennifer Lopez.

Marc Anthony has five tattoo designs on his body, some of which are difficult to see clearly.

He has a large cross on the lower portion of his right leg, just above his ankle. A tribal style tattoo of sorts on his right arm.

On the into part of his right wrist, is the name of his wife "Jennifer" Lopez.

Marc also has two small tattoos on his chest, but its not totally clear what they are, however one resembles a man with a cowboy hat.

Phil Anselmo Tattoos

Phil Anselmo is an American musician, perhaps best known for being the lead singer of the heavy metal band Pantera, he is also the front man for the group, Down, and owner of Housecore records.

Phil Anselmo has a smattering of tattoos on his body, mainly focused on his arms.

The tattoos on his left arm include, a skeleton, a plaque with the saying "Body and Blood, Joy and Pain, Life and Death". He also has a snake on the inner side of his forearm with a demon and flames on the outer side.

Some of the tattoos on his right arm include, a large zombie head, the devil and other ghoulish creatures on his upper right arm area.

Feast your eyes on the evil tattoos of rock star, Phil Anselmo.

Anouk Tattoos

Anouk is a tremendously successful Dutch singer, who has released seven hit pop-rock albums since 1997.

Anouk has two tattoo designs, one of which is a large sleeve from her shoulder to her forearm, containing several lovely colorful peony flowers.

She is also said to have a small crescent moon tattoo on her lower abdomen. (Not Pictured).

Kurt Angle Tattoo

Kurt Angle is the super popular American professional wrestler, part time actor and 1996 Olympic gold medalist.

Kurt Angle has a single tattoo design on his totally ripped body.

His tattoo is of a Golden Eagle wearing a singlet, and its located on the upper right portion of his back.

The Golden Eagle is the school mascot for Clarion University of Pennsylvania, for which Kurt Angle attended and graduated from.

Here we have a couple of blurry pictures of his tattoo.

Peter Andre Tattoos

Peter Andre is a great singer, songwriter and presenter who has been in show business for over two decades and going strong.

Peter Andre currently has five tattoos on his body, including the initials T, J and H, for his three children, located on his left shoulder along with an armband tattoo around his left bicep.

On his left bicep is a rather large tribal design of various hooks and curves.

He has the name of his ex wife "Katie" (price) tattooed on his left ring finger.

Peter Andre also has the biblical ten commandments on his lower back. (Not pictured)

Sophie Anderton Tattoos

Sophie Anderton is a beautiful English model, but perhaps best recognized on various reality television shows.

Sophie Anderton only has one tattoo, but its a very large design which stems all the way down her back.

The tattoo starts at her lower back with a flaming lotus flower, with tiny flames trailing up her spine to the top of her back where its meets a bird, known as the "bird of paradise".

I'm not 100% sure if the marking on her back are supposed to be flames or perhaps something falling from the bird. Some feedback on her tattoos would be helpful.

Gillian Anderson Tattoos

Gillian Anderson is a tremendous Emmy and Golden Globe award winning actress, known for her role as Dana Scully on the smash hit television show, The X-Files.

Gillian Anderson has two tattoo designs which i am aware of, including two small tribal turtles on the inside of her right ankle, they are a sacred symbol from a native group on the island of Tahiti, which is where she had the tattoo done.

She also has a tattoo on her right wrist, of the Sanskrit symbol for "every day".

Gillian was quoted as say "It was painful, it felt like I was at the dentist and they were drilling into my bone".

Anastacia Tattoos

Anastacia is a lovely accomplished American singer-songwriter, who has achieved tremendous international success, however she has never reached the superstar status in the United States.

Anastacia has three tattoos on her body, two of which contain a religious sentiment of sorts.

She has a large pair of beautiful angel wings with an interesting tribal design, on her back between her two shoulder blades.

On her lower back is a tattoo of the sun, with an Egyptian ankh in the center, which is meant to represent eternal life.

Anastacia's most recent tattoo is on the back of her neck, its a colorful circle with her initials "AWN".

Amerie Tattoo

Amerie is a lovely Grammy nominated American singer, songwriter and producer, known for her smash hit album, "Touch" which was released in 2005.

Amerie has one tattoo design on her body, and its located in the center of her lower back.

The tattoo is of her name "Amerie", and is written in Korean script.

She has been quoted as saying "I knew my parents wouldn't like it, but I wanted to try something different, and a tattoo was totally out of my character."