Miley Cyrus Not allowed to hang out with Ashley Greene

Miley Cyrus Ashley Green
Miley Cyrus is actually allowed to hang out with Ashley Greene. Representative for the "Can't Be Tamed" hitmaker has slammed down rumor suggesting she has been banned from spending time with her "LOL: Laughing Out Loud" co-star, telling Gossip Cop the story "simply not true" and the two actresses can spend time together "as much as they wish."

It was Heat magazine that brought up the rumor of the hanging-out ban in the first place. At the time, the mag claimed that the 17-year-old songstress has been discouraged from developing any friendship with the "Twilight Saga" beauty because her people are keen on keeping what is left of her "teen-dream" image.

A source told the mag, "When Miley was out with Taylor Swift, Taylor's friends thought Miley was too crazy. Now Miley's being protected from Ashley." The insider further revealed that 23-year-old Ashley's partying ways was the actual reason behind the ban. "Ashley always wanted to party," the source said, before mentioning that it affected her relationship with Kellan Lutz.
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Miley Cyrus comfortable with her own skin

Miley Cyrus
Friends of Miley Cyrus have spoken out to deny rumours that the star is set to go under the knife and have a boob job.

"It's absurd. Miley has never even considered it. She's always been very comfortable in her own skin." said the friend.

Miley, who is currently filming 'LOL' with Demi Moore, is said to find the rumours hilarious and believes that she is far too young for the plastic surgery.

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Tattoed and Wicked

Many people feel an attraction to tattooed girls which make them have an image of being "Wicked" but lets keep in mind this is not an accurate description of the personality of each of them. Each girl who enjoys the art of tattooing has its reason other than to enjoy art in order to make the decision to have multiple designs in much of the body in addition to enjoying the attention and attraction they cause.


It is good to be able to enjoy a very ancient art in all its facets and styles. Each tattoo is unique and each person has a different meaning. Every day we see people with one or two in various parts of the body and many tend to be small in great majority of cases.


If we realize we will see that apart from being just a symbol, it is an example of freedom of expression and also expresses independence (these days), we can also realize that many tattoos are based on the kind of environment and culture of the wearer and although it is an art practiced around the globe can be seen in detail and also know a lot about the person who has it.


Tattoos can be seen in many different ways, which describe the person as they live or the things they enjoy. Not necessarily have to be an involvement or an obligation in one race or culture as there are people who tend to have tattoos from other cultures without living in certain parts of the world but nevertheless tend to have some knowledge about this foreign culture which is caused by the admiration for the lifestyle, including religious culture which is admired and respected.


Today it is almost impossible to see someone without a tattoo and surprised to find a person without one which sometimes impresses as the acceptance by the art is more than in ancient times. Tattoos on girls are more common these days thanks to this acceptance. Logo Animated

Buddhist Tattoos

Buddhist tattoos are clearly very appealing in terms of style and artwork, however the designs themselves represent a timeless culture which are dedicated to their philosophy and practices of buddhism.

Buddhist tattoos are most commonly designed as the seated buddha with his hands in the form the mudra (dharmachakra) which symbolizes the setting into motion of the wheel of teaching the dharma.

Have a look through this buddhist tattoo gallery and you just might find the perfect buddhist tattoo design you've been searching for.

Most buddhist tattoos represent a very peaceful and tranquil environment.

Buddhist tattoo are often seen alongside flower designs, specially the lotus flower.

Many buddhist cultures believe that tattoo artwork is a sacred practice and monks often double as tattoo artists.

Bird Tattoos

Bird tattoos are truly a lovely choice of tattoo design, most birds are symbolic of harmony, peace and gentleness, while other more fierce birds such as the eagle is often recognized as a symbol of courage and strength. Plus crows and ravens are sometimes associated with with the dark a macabre side of life.

Here we have a picture gallery of an array of beautiful bird tattoos which might just help you come up with some ideas for your very own bird tattoo design.

Bird tattoos are some of the most colorful designs in the world of animal artwork.

Bird tattoos are often combined with other designs such as stars and hearts.

Tribal bird tattoos seem to be gaining in popularity among animal/tattoo lovers.

Bear Tattoos

Bear tattoos are commonly depicted in two different manners, one being fierce and ready to strike with an open mouth, and secondly as a more endearing and lovable bear design. No matter what style of bear tattoo you decide upon, there is no doubt that bear tattoos in general are some of the most beautiful and breathtaking of all designs, if you are a bear lover of course.

Enjoy a quick look through this outstanding collection of top quality bear tattoos for both men and women alike.

Adding a little color to your bear tattoo can really bring the design to life.

These bear tattoo pictures above are less traditional, but equally as exciting and clever.

Growling bear head tattoos are perhaps the most commonly seen variety of bear artwork, and for good reason. These bear head tattoos are beautifully frightening!

Glow in the dark tattoo video

Glow-In-The-Dark Tattoo - Watch more Funny Videos Logo Animated

Black Light Tattoos

And just when you thought tattoo artwork couldn't get anymore creative, you now have the option of getting black light tattoos which are virtually invisible to the naked eye, under ordinary lighting. How cool is that?

Black light tattoos or "UV tattoos" are made with a special ink that can only be seen under a black light. You can also mix and match black light ink with normal tattoo ink to create a super double your pleasure tattoo design.

Have a look at this psychedelic picture gallery of black light UV tattoos.

Black light tattoos are a relatively new form of artwork and is currently most popular among clubbers and ravers.

Checkout some of these cool before and after black light tattoos under natural light.

Since black light tattoos are invisible under natural light, small amounts of scarring may be seen at the tattoo location.