Knuckle Tattoos

Knuckle tattoos aren't exactly the most common location to get a tattoo, however many tattoo fanatics find the knuckles to be the perfect place for a four letter word tattoo.

Here we have a list of some famous people with knuckle tattoos gracing their hands.

Also checkout these hand tattoos.

Robbie Williams love knuckle tattoo.
Ozzy Osbourne "Ozzy" knuckle tattoo.
Josh Homme has the words "Cap" and "Cam" inked.
Punk rocker Tim Armstrong sports PUNX on his left hand.
Benji Madden has "Made Man" tattooed on his knuckles.
Carey Hart knuckle and hand artwork, plus a whole lot more.

Tattoos on the head

Tattoos on the head are in style now more than ever and this is partly due to social acceptance and this is what has made tattoos more common.

Many people tend to be a little more creative than others and choose to have a non conventional design which tends to be super fun while it simultaneously reveals the artistic quality of its creator.


Head Tattoos

Believe it or not, head tattoos have been picking up stream in recent years and become quite popular among serious tattoo enthusiasts.

Here we have a gallery of head tattoos, both partial and complete head tattoos included.

There are only a couple of famous people which come to mind, who actually have head tattoos, and those two people are Tim Armstrong of the punk band Rancid and of course Boy George.

Head tattoo with gun and flowers, plus motto.
Tim Armstrong complete head tattoo with rose, skulls and spiderweb.
Eyes on back of head tattoo design.
Breakfast head tattoo with bacon, eggs and potatoes.
Tribal art head tattoo with skull butterfly on neck.
Scary cat man face tattoo with tribal elements.
Picture of artsy back of cranium ink.
Boy George flower and Jewish inspired design.

Going Tech

There's nothing better than having a tattoo everyone admires, most tattooed people know that's a great feeling. Some people choose having a tattoo just to have one or two but others take it more seriously and know the importance of having a tattoo that actually make sense. It is important to make sure you can actually afford what you have in mind (afford as in going to a reputable artist) and not to try doing it for a couple of bucks cause it will not come out as expected.

Lots of people enjoy having an elaborated work of art (like the ones shown in this posting) because they know how important it is to have a work of art in their body that actually people can enjoy looking at it and also can be accepted and admired by those who truly know body art. 

Many people choose to have an elaborated work of art like those who get robotic parts because they like how amazing it looks, and other simple enjoy perfection instead of a tattoo that looks simple. A tattoo artist with skills developed by experience and knowledge can achieve what it takes to create such amazing work.

Patsy Kensit Tattoos

Patsy Kensit is an English actress and former singer.

Patsy Kensit has been spotted with 3 tattoos, including a winged creature on her back, a small tattoo design on her right ankle and some words on her left foot.
Patsy Kensit small ankle tattoo.
Patsy Kensit back tattoo between shoulder blades.
Patsy Kensit foot tattoo.

Artistic Expression

Continuing the theme of changes in the body and alternatives to tattoos this posting show three examples of different things that people choose as recreation, art and spiritual uplift as in the case of the suspension using hooks (like fish hooks) as shown the next photo.

Many people decide to take a course which they feel that a piercing is not enough and decided to create something unconventional and not everyone dares to do. The example is in the following picture which shows a "corset" done with multiple piercings in the back of the girl shown in the picture.

There are people who want to go a little further in terms of creativity referred to as is the case of the person who decides to inject ink (not any kind of ink) in the white of the eye which also changes the color to be permanent (as I have understood). Look at the picture below to be able to see how it was done.

Everyone has their tastes and way of expressing. To each its own.

Kelis Tattoos

Kelis is an American R&B singer-songwriter, best known for her hit single entitled Milkshake.

Kelis has been spotted with four tattoos on her body, including a large vine of flowers which starts on her left shoulder and goes down the back to her butt.

Her other tattoos include a saying on her right wrist, butterfly on her abdomen and some Kanji on right calf.
Kelis flower tattoo on back.
Saying tattoo on wrist.
Calf tattoo.
Butterfly tattoo on stomach.

Hip Tattoos

The hips are well known for being a sexy spot on the body for getting a tattoo, and along with lower back tattoos, the hips are probably the second most popular area for a woman to get tattooed.

Have a look at these beautiful celebrities with hip tattoos

Jessica Biel has a dove tattoo on her right hip, Megan Fox has the name of her significant other "Brian" tattooed on her hip, singer Rihanna has a sanskrit prayer down her hip and Kelly Clarkson has an outline of the state of Texas on her hip.

Beyonce has an angel tattoo on her left hip, actress Eliza Dushku has the phrase "Lead, Kindly Light" tattooed on her left hip, pop princess Britney Spears has a small cross tattoo on her hip and television star Lauren Conrad has the letter "L" tattooed on her right hip.

Vintage delight

Creativity without limits.

Previously I discussed the issue of body modification as an option that other people choose to have apart of tattoos. Many people find it difficult to understand why some people decide to adopt this lifestyle which is considered body art. Many people have a vision without boundaries, and others simply live the conventional and limited (or what they call "socially acceptable") lifestyle to just see things in black and white.

The photo above and one below are two examples of scarificacion, which creates a design on the skin surface made using a sharp instrument in order to create a scar once it heals, leaving the shape of the chosen design.

Some people however prefer an implant under the skin which is acquired by making a small cut to so we can implement the necessary mold.

There are many other ideas that so many people take in order to achieve what is necessary as the example of the pictures below, in which people alter their body so creatively to express themselves.

From pointy ears to snake's tongue (below)