Koi Tattoo (Full Back)

Awesome full back Koi Tattoos.

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Onko Chishin – Japanese Tattoo Documentary

In this documentary we follow Dutch tattoo artist Rob Admiraal on his trip to Japan where he goes to have a huge dragon tattoo on his back finished, do some tattooing himself and visit other leading Japanese tattooists.

Onko Chishin (Complete with ENG subs) from rodgezooi on Vimeo.

Admiraal gives us a guided tour of Japanese tattooing and explains how traditional art and modern, Western influences each play their part in what tattoo in Japan has become today. He also talks about his personal tastes and preferences and does not hesitate to go deeper into more theoretical aspects of the art, such as the balance between representation and abstraction, typical for Oriental art.

An intriguing scene in the documentary is that in which Admiraal gets the very last part of his huge tattoo done: the eyes of the dragon, which will “bring it to life”. It is nice to see how this Dutch fellow at the same time acknowledges the importance of this almost magical gesture but also stays clear-headed and never seems to get carried away by all the “Orientalism” in which he is surrounded. I don’t know the guy, but I already like him…

The film was made by Rogier Postma.

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Hollywood Tattoo Design

Hollywood Tattoo Design

For tattoo lover I bet that you already know the name of Kat the Hollywood tattoo Von D. She is the Hollywood class tattoo maker and her clients are the world celebrity included Dakota Fanning. Dakota oust her to make the tattoo. Unfortunately it is not a permanent tattoo, so that she can erase it in any time. Dakota signed a contract that she can not make a tattoo on her skin forever.

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