Cyndi Lauper Tattoo

Cyndi Lauper is an American singer-songwriter and actress, best known for the hit song entitled Girls Just Want to Have Fun and Time After Time.

Cyndi Lauper has a single visible tattoo on her body, which appears to be a tiger design located on her left ankle.

Ladies, get Tattooed the right way

Tattoos are getting hotter as time goes by and the Ladies are doing their best to get unique looking, huge size tattoos which make them be more noticeable than someone having a tiny tattoo next to their private parts. I believe Tattoos are meant to be displayed at all times and not to be kept covered like if it was an embarrasment (if it is a messed up work then it should be covered at all times till is fixed). Remember to be creative when choosing a design and use it to get inspired and create something unique.

Prison Tattoos

Tattoos have continued to fascinate the world for centuries. Not only do they showcase the skill and dexterity of the tattoo artist, they also provide a lot of insight into the character and personality of the person who created or chose the design which is the person who has the tattoo. Here is an interesting collection of tattoos for you to check out.
The most interesting thing about this collection of tattoos is that they are all prison tattoos. One of the other interesting things about this collection is that is features quite a few elderly men, giving you a peek into a world not explored efore. Another interesting thing in this collection is that it features a number of tattoos depicting dates and messages. These being prison tattoos, no doubt the dates depict the term of imprisonment. Liberty and love seem to be prominent themes for obvious reasons.

Tribal Tattoo Then and Now

Tribal tattoos have been used by different cultures for hundreds of years as marks that show the affiliation of people within a particular culture or society. Some people who belonged to a tribe received a mark implanted in their skin that showed they belonged to that particular clan. Some of these marks were very small while other marks were large and clearly visible. The people in a particular area, usually geographical, would immediately identify others by the different types of tribal tattoos. There are still some tribal tattoos that are used for these reasons, but in most cases these days, people with tribal tattoos choose them for the beauty and variety of the designs.
Tattoos have become very popular in recent years, and tribal tattoos are some of the most popular available. Some of the tattoos used for cosmetic purposes could be authentic marks of identification that the tattoo artist borrowed from another culture. Other tattoos are identified with this group because they resemble the traditional tattoos that have been actually used by tribes around the world. Some tattoos, for example, are similar in look to those from tribes in places like Samoa.
These specific tribal tattoos are very distinctive images compared with other tattoos that are currently available. Tribal tattoos are the "in" thing Tribal tattoos are possibly one of the most sought after tattoo designs and the most popular are based on the Maori, Haida, Polynesian and Native American designs. Of course the term tribal has so many different meanings and an almost limitless amount of variations and combinations. The true meaning of today's tribal tattoo lies in the unique allure it has to the individual. People choose these different tribal tattoos currently because the designs are merely pleasing to the eye. In most parts of the world tribal tattoos have no relationship to the identity of the person wearing the tattoo. Some very famous people have contributed to the popularity of tribal tattoos. These tattoos have appeared on backs and arms of some very famous celebrities that have shown them off when appearing in public, creating a demand for tribal-like tattoos from regular folk. The popularity of tribal tattoos has also led to global competition amongst tattoo artists.
Many come up with unique designs by making use of images based on the tribal tattoos that have appeared in pictures or drawings from the tribal people who originally wore these marks on their bodies. There are some skilful tattoo artists who have even become known for the beauty of their tribal designs and most own copyright to these so others cannot use the tattoos without permission. Many of the tattoos are isolated images on the chest or shoulder, but others can cover an entire arm or back. There are tribal tattoos that are in simple black, but others incorporate some color into the design. And what with so many variations to choose from, having a tribal tattoo etched into your skin can be one of the most unique choices you can make.

Robert LaSardo Tattoos

Robert LaSardo is an American actor who has appeared in several movies and television shows, including Nip/Tuck and General Hospital.

Robert LaSardo is almost completely covered in tattoos, most of which are of the satanic variety, including several designs on his chest, such as skulls, demons, devil, pentagram, and other dark creatures.

The actor has two finished sleeve tattoos, both containg a signifigent amount of tribal artwork, along with a dragon, lion, cyclops, cross, and other fantasy inspired ink.

On his neck is Jesus Christ on one side and a devil woman on the other side, along with a portrait on himself in the middle. The actor also has tattoos on both his hands and across the knuckles.

Jessica Lange Tattoo

Jessica Lange is a sensationally talented American stage and film actress, featured in such movies as Tootsie, Blue Sky and King Kong.

Jessica Lange has a Celtic knot tattoo on the outer portion of her left wrist, which was influenced by her daughter while in Paris. She has been quoted as saying...

"She conned me into doing it. She said, 'Mom, let's go and get a tattoo together that will connect us forever,' but I think it was just a way for her to get a tattoo, but I bought into it. She was underage."

Jessica Lange has also said she has a crescent moon tattoo located on her hip, which she also received in Paris France, at the age of nineteen.

K.D. Lang Tattoo

K.D. Lang is a talented Canadian singer-songwriter, perhaps best known for the album entitled Ingénue and Hymns of the 49th Parallel.

K.D. Lang is known to have a single tattoo, which is located on her right shoulder, the design is of a traditional sailors anchor.

Impressive Tattoo

This is one of the most amazing tattoos I've seen. Great detail, fantastic effect.

Miranda Lambert Tattoo

Miranda Lambert is a fantastic American country music artist, known for her work on such albums as Kerosene and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Miranda Lambert has a single tattoo which is located on her left inner forearm, and the design is a pair of crossed six shooter guns with large angel wings behind each revolver.

Picture of the tattoo design with guns and wings.

Red Bull X-Fighters 2010 - My tattoos (Video)

Kennewick's First Tattoo Convention A Big Hit

Hundreds of people got to peruse tattoo artist's collections, or sign up for a tattoo on the spot.
Organizers say they have about 50 vendors from as far away as Montana. Organizers tell Action News tattoos are becoming more popular.

"We thought the community would really enjoy a tattoo show. If you look around town everybody's got a piece of ink somewhere on their body and so we knew it would be successful," Heather Breymeyer with the Three Rivers Convention Center said. Organizers say getting all the artists to come was difficult. But for a first show, that is expected.

They plan to do it again.

Miley Cyrus on “21 under 21″ list‎

Miley CyrusBillboard Magazine have revealed their top 21 musicians under 21 years of age.

They’re young, they’re on a white-hot winning streak, and most importantly, they’re just getting started: These are’s “21 Under 21,” selected not only for their tender age but also for their potential to rule the pop culture zeitgeist over the next 12 months.

Whether it’s a country star whose every song lyric demands hours of analysis (Is she singing about Joe, Taylor or Kanye?!), a beloved breakout character on TV’s hottest high school musical, or a newcomer who landed a record deal on the strength of one Lady Gaga cover – here are the top 10 of Billboard Magazine’s top 21 under 21.

10. Miley Cyrus.

9. Greyson Chance

8. Demi Lovato

7. Williow Smith

6. Nick Jonas

5. Soulja Boy

4. Charice

3. Selena Gomez

2. Justin Bieber

1. Taylor Swift

What do you think of the top 10? Who is favourite musician under 21? Leave us a comment.

Adam Lambert Tattoos

Adam Lambert is an American singer-songwriter who is best known as the runner-up on the eighth season of television talent show American Idol.

Adam Lambert currently has two tattoos, both of which are located on his inner right wrist, including an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection and royal power, which is called Eye of Horus.

The other wrist tattoo design is a symbol which is called infinity, and is used in mathematics and physics, representing quantity without bound or end.

Some people believe that the infinity design symbolizes an everlasting life cycle, similar to eternal life granted by God for our good deeds on earth.

Lorenzo Lamas Tattoos

Lorenzo Lamas is an American actor, featured on the television show Falcon Crest and Renegade.

Lorenzo Lamas has quite a few tattoos which we've spotted, and the pictures below pretty much cover all his designs.

Woman riding fantasy Pegasus horse, located on upper back.
The actor has a winged eagle crest tattoo on his right shoulder.
Closeup picture of back artwork.
Lorenzo Lamas has chest piece which connects to a design on his arm, containing several skulls and other designs which aren't quite clear.
Another view of his skull head arm tattoo.

Miley filming a commercial in LA

 Miley filming a commercial in LAMiley filming a commercial in Los Angeles on September 16.

There’s also going to be a new episode of Hannah Montana Forever airing on October 3rd called Hannah’s Gonna Get This with special guest star Iyaz, here’s the description.

“After a bad case of writer’s block, Miley finally comes up with a song for the new Hannah Montana album, a tune that gets mixed reactions from her record label. She starts to doubt herself until popular recording artist Iyaz overhears it and wants to record it as a duet. Meanwhile, Jackson and Rico compete over who can grow a better moustache.”

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Miley Out with Braison

Miley Out with BraisonMiley out to lunch with her brother Braison! Enjoy!
Miley Out with Braison2
Miley Out with Braison1

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Beautiful Tattooed Brides

This is another posting for those who believe things only look good if thy're the way the want them to be. Who said a Bride can't be Beautiful on that special day. Enjoy the photos.

Vodka?, Tattoo?, Organic?

Good ol’ Sailor Vodka is a new Swedish vodka made out of organic grain and bottled in a recyclable PET-bottle designed by tattoo artist Aniela from Flash Fighters.

Who says Tattoos & Piercings = No job? (Alternatives for the tat + pierced)

Sometimes people who already have a job wish to get certain tattoos or piercing and simply restrain themselves form getting anything done or if they happen to have piercings they feel they have to choose either removing them and leaving it to close or debating on keeping one thing or the other. Lots of people are not aware of other alternatives available and additional ideas that can allow them to be who they are. For example, I have talked to people about retainers (see pictures below).

Retainers are commonly used by people who can not wear their body jewelry because of their jobs and they are forced to have their piercings removed, this happen a lot with those who have their nose pierced.

The best kind of retainers that can be used are the ones made of clear acrylic, it goes invisible to the naked eye. A new trend in Tattoos are the Black Light Tattoos for those who wish to have tiny tattoos details on areas like hands, forearms and face.

It make tattoos look cool when you get a Black Light Tattoo along with the tattoo that was already there so at the time you get to show it make they design look complete and more even.

Everything is possible, all you have to do is deal with what you already got, embrace it and flaunt it.

Never regret having a personal style.

(The links to the references for this postings are below)



Miley Cyrus in Flowy Dress & Platform Hills at LA

Miley Cyrus was spotted strolling around Los Angeles, California on September 23rd in a flowy dress and tall platform heels. What do you think of Miley’s outfit?

Miley recently posted a video for her “fans” in which she gets defensive about a number of rumors that are flying around about her. We wish if she was going to make a video she would make one really thanking her fans for their support rather than attacking the media
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Miley Talks Abt Marraige and Boobjob

Miley Talks Abt Marraige and BoobjobMiley Cyrus has posted a 10-minute video on YouTube ranting about the number of false rumours about her.

The Hannah Montana actress uses the clip to address a series of tabloid reports - including claims she's to tie the knot with Last Song co-star Liam Hemsworth, 20. 'No, I'm not engaged,' says Miley, 17. 'No, I'm not getting married anytime soon.

'Miley doesn't need to do anything but sit and chill and make music that I love, and make art that means something to me. 'I'm way too driven right now... I'm 17! I've got so much work to do. No way.' Miley also tackles reports she's living with Liam and that she's having plastic surgery. 'I'm not living with anybody!' she adds. 'I think that rumour's been going on ever since I got my very first boyfriend ever.

'I live at home...I still live at home with my mum, my dad, my family. No one's here with us!

'And no, I don't want a boob job.'
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Who says Tattoos & Piercings = No job?

Hearing people say Tattoos and Piercings won't allow someone to get a job makes me sick. I've heard the stories many times and I have to say that I don't agree with it. People have been told they won't get a job for being pierced or tattooed and I find that statement not true at all. I can understand certain jobs have their "rules or ethics" but if you look closely you can realize not all jobs keep things the way they want it to appear. Not everyone understand being tattooed or pierced and having a job is possible. Someone who decide to have visible tattoos or piercings can make more money than those who dress up in a white collar "conservative" way.

Sometimes people fail to think about the future and decide to get tattooed or pierced and they regret it later in life. Is kind of the equivalent of looking at a conservative, suburb housewife with a "tramp stamp". There is nothing wrong with having tattoos and piercings, I believe one has to choose a career path that will allow you to express your personal style, sense of freedom and what you feel is appealing to your community. If you're focused on what your career path then you should know which part of the body you can get Inked or Pierced. The best way to avoid hearing crappy complaints and people telling you what to do with your body is by opening your own business, you can be the boss and no one can tell you shit, obviously the short cut to get there is by going to additional trainings and getting a higher education along with having a full knowledge of what career path will allow you to achieve your goals. There is other alternatives like laser tattoo removal (I can't stand anything that make people look like they have regrets). I've heard of jobs telling people many things that are not allowed but when you look closely you realize most things are not enforced at all. Sometimes people focus on things that have nothing to do with the ability of production of that tattooed/pierced individual, they fail to focus on that individual's potential to make things better for the business and take it to a level it has never been to before even though one has to realize people still focused on what they call aesthetic appeal or squeaky clean "image". Some places don't realize the amount of damage crated to that individual since all they care about is appearance and not the recognition that individual deserve.

 No one has the right to tell you what to do or not to do with your body. You have to realize there is better career paths you can enjoy and be able to work with employers that value their employees and give them the recognition plus paycheck they deserve instead of having people who appear something they're not which are individuals who rather not to work/perform duties as they should. It is understandable image is important and that's the reason one has to be a little more careful at the time we select a piercing or a tattoo. Once a job is found all a person have to do is focus on ourselves and not on how crappy a "clean-cut looking" good for nothing co-worker does to waste company's time and money while taking advantage of what a company has to offer and use it for personal gain. However, those are things no one should be concerned about. Unfortunately society judge people on appearance and that is also something employers are concerned with and one has to be a bit realistic when it come to the job position desired. Don't focus on working as a receptionist when you could have a better paid job, and be yourself. There is plenty of jobs out there.

Lady Gaga Tattoos

Lady Gaga is an American recording artist, known for such songs as Poker Face and Paparazzi.

Lady Gaga has quite a gallery of tattoos on her body, including a rather long poem on her inner left arm, which is a tribute to her favorite writer. In her own words...

"That one commemorates my favorite writer, Rainer Maria Rilke, a poet and romantic philosopher," "In German he writes, 'Confess to yourself in the deepest hour of the night whether you would have to die if you were forbidden to write. Dig deep into your heart, where the answer spreads its roots in your being, and ask yourself solemnly, Must I write?' ".

Pictures of her poetic tribute, plus a piece sign tattoo on her left wrist.
In the act of getting tattooed in Tokyo Japan.
Closeup pic of inner bicep artwork.
Lady Gaga has three lily flowers, along with some mysterious scribblings that read "Tokyo Love", located on her back left shoulder. She also elaborated on this design, saying...

"That was to celebrate the Haus’s collaboration with legendary Japanese photographer Araki. I was bound by Araki’s personal bondage artist, by several ropes and Japanese knots … Araki photographed me, using a series of several cameras. He did not photograph my image; he photographed my soul. We spent the night with Araki and his friends at a members' only bar he’s owned for more than 20 years, where he displays his work. Here, he painted me and took Polaroids through the night. I was honored to be the first American woman he's photographed, and only the second pop artist, in the company of Björk. He signed the Polaroids 'Tokyo Love,' and the Haus got tattoos of his marking in celebration."

The artist also has another flower themed tattoo, which is a patch of six roses with a lot vines that covers areas of her lower back and hip. This tattoo was designed by famous artist Kat Von D.

And finally, Lady Gaga's most recent tattoo is of a unicorn with an extra long horn, which has a banner wrapped with the title of her upcoming album "Born This Way".