Natalie Maines Back & Foot Tattoos

Natalie Maines is an American singer-songwriter and member of country group the Dixie Chicks.

Natalie Maines is known to have three tattoos, including a star with two banners and names, located on the back of her neck.

The singer also has a small design on her right ankle, accompanied by several tiny chick foot prints on the top of her right foot, which she shares with her two fellow bandmates.

Balls Mahoney Tribal Tattoos

Balls Mahoney is an American professional wrestler, known for his work with Extreme Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment.

Balls Mahoney has quite a few tattoos on his body, including a large dragon on his right shoulder and arm, plus extensive tribal artwork on his left arm.

The wrestler also has a great deal of body art on his entire back, which contains more tribal designs along with a pentagram.

Madonna Hebrew Tattoo

Madonna is an iconic American singer-songwriter and actress, among other things, known for albums such as Like a Virgin, True Blue and Ray of Light.
Madonna is rumored to have a couple of tattoos, however none of these rumors are confirmed, in fact the only designs which have been spotted on her, are those featured in the "Die Another Day" music video.
In the video Madonna is seen with a Hebrew script tattoo on her right shoulder, including the letters "lamed", "alef" and "vav". These letters form one of the many names for God as written in the Kabbalah.

How Far Would You Go?


Sometimes when people hear someone speaking about Body Modification they usually think about anything related to piercings. Sometimes those people fail to do a bit more research on this topic so they can find out there is more than piercings when it comes to this topic. Body modification is not just about getting pierced, it is more complex than actually thought. Some times people don't find themselves to be appealing to the rest of the world or simply are not happy with they way they look or feel and have the need to go through a single or many medical procedures in order to achieve the life they desire in order to be happy with themselves and to have what they consider a productive life or a physical accomplishment that will permit them be part of "society". Sometimes it is hard for an individual to live day by day simply because they're not happy with their appereance and, sometimes they have to live through depression or anxiety on a daily basis.

Those individuals choose to make changes to their bodies knowing that will be the only way they will be completely happy and feel content, which allow them to have the healthy and productive life they wish. There is plastic surgery and re-constructive surgeries which are they key to success for many and a the best solution for those who choose to break the stereotypes, and for those who simply don't give a fuck of what others might say. Sometimes people add and sometimes people remove parts of their bodies. I believe anyone has the freedom to live the life just as they please an do what they wish with their bodies when it comes to modification of their physical attributes. I've learned about people removing a toe or a finger an living happier life the same way I've heard of a woman having a desire to have three breasts (seriously).

Kim Maher Mask and Rose Tattoos

Kim Maher is a talented American softball player who is best known for winning an Olympic gold medal during the 1996 summer Olympics.

Kim Maher has a three piece tattoo design on her back, containing a mask, rose and a line of Kanji symbols.

Virginia Madsen Tattoos

Virginia Madsen is a delightful American actress, featured in movies such as Candyman, The Prophecy and Sideways.

Virginia Madsen has a total of three visible tattoos, including a cross on her left ankle, rose on her right foot, and a small unknown symbol on her left shoulder.

Michael Madsen Tattoos

Michael Madsen is an accomplished American actor, featured in motion pictures including Reservoir Dogs, Donnie Brasco and Kill Bill.

Michael Madsen has at least three tattoos on his body, one being a winged Harley Davidson logo on his left bicep, accompanied by a crescent moon design located just above.

The actor also has a rather large tattoo on his right forearm, however the specific design is not clear.

Musical Notes Tattoos

Recently I was having a conversation with a musician who said he wanted to get Musical Notes tattoed on his body but he also pointed out he don't want to do it just like "everyone else's". What he emant by that is that he noticed many people would actually get random notes all over the place and he wants his to actually say something even though not too many people know how to "read them". He said he wanted something that he can be proud of and at the same time a high quality custom made work. I gave him some advice about who to go to and also reminded him to look for an artist that can deliver quality and not quantity for a cheap price. I also told him to speak to the artist about him wanting a creative job instead of just plain notes. I learned a lot about my musician friend that actually made me think about something not too many people care about or simply focus on.


Holly Madison Bunny Tattoo on Lower Back

Holly Madison is a stunning American model and television personality, featured on reality series The Girls Next Door and Holly's World.

Once upon a time, Holly Madison had a pink playboy bunny tattoo on her lower back, however she late thought better of the idea, and had it removed with laser treatment.

The Nautical Star

The five-pointed Nautical Star of mariner’s charts is found on the compass rose, straight up, at the North position. Somewhere back in the salty mists of time it represented the North Star, also known as Polaris, which was so crucial to navigation. Today it is a tattoo symbol that harkens back to finding one’s way home and the luck that it sometimes takes to get there. The Nautical Star tattoo can be big, small, two colors, one color–pretty versatile really.
Who gets it? This is a tattoo symbol that is absolutely raging in popularity right now, especially among young hipsters who dig the nautical/retro feel. Who has it? Mark McGrath (lead singer of Sugar Ray) has a blue one on his left elbow. Where should you get it? The elbow is a classic placement of the Nautical Star, like Mark McGrath, but they also tend to occur in pairs, on either side of the chest or the insides of the forearms. Because it’s a essentially a bunch of straight lines though, it lies and looks best on relatively flat areas. Why should you get it? You’ll never have to pull over and ask for directions again.
Although you might not have found your perfect tattoo in the list above, you are no doubt starting to visualize one. As you continue on your journey to that final result, make your own top ten list of the greatest tattoos and keep revising it. In time, you may find that you’ll have a tattoo, one that’s just right for you, instead of just thinking about it for another decade.


Ludacris Cross and Praying Hands Tattoo

Chris Ludacris Bridges is an American rapper and actor, best known for albums including Back for the First Time, Word of Mouf and The Red Light District.

Ludacris has be spotted with a few tattoos, one being a cross with a portrait on his right arm, along with praying hands on his left shoulder.

The rapper also has another tattoo design on his left shoulder, however we're not quite clear on the design. Any ideas?

Josh Lucas Tattoos

Josh Lucas is a talented American actor who has starred in movies such as Poseidon, Glory Road and Stealth.

Josh Lucas has two confirmed tattoos, including a cross/compass design on his left forearm, plus a rather large unknown tattoo on his right shoulder.

Rob Lowe Shoulder Tattoo

Rob Lowe is an American actor, known for his role in movies including Tommy Boy, Wayne's World and The Outsiders.

Rob Lowe has a single visible tattoo, which is rumored to have started as a heart, and then later with additional artwork.

Courtney Love Tattoos

Courtney Love is an American singer-songwriter, musician and actress, known as the lead singer and guitarist of rock band Hole.

Courtney Love has a smattering of tattoos on her body, including an angel and two hearts on her back right shoulder, several small cherry blossoms on her arms and chest, plus the words "Let it Bleed" on her right bicep.

Her other tattoos include, the letter "K" on her stomach and a flower ankle bracelet around her left ankle.

The New Zealand Tattoo and Art Festival

So many people turned up for the New Zealand Tattoo and Art Festival at New Plymouth's TSB Stadium this weekend it will be coming back every two years.
Thousands of tattoo enthusiasts and people watchers poured through the stadium where 140 tattoo artists, performers and rock bands had taken over. Organiser Brent Taylor of Oni Events said the turnout exceeded expectations. "It's been unreal. We have had through far more people than we ever expected. All of the artists have been working steadily through the weekend. They have all made money and made some good contacts in the industry," Mr Taylor said. The festival showcased the best New Zealand and international tattoo artists with 100 booths featuring live tattooing, piercing, art exhibitions and live entertainment.

Wellington's Sarah Crossly arrived at the festival with plans to track down a design for her first tattoo. "I have always wanted one but I have never known what to get so I'm looking for something different," she said. Ben Scoot, of New Plymouth, said he had been looking forward to the festival for months. "I haven't got much skin left," a heavily tattooed Mr Scoot said, "I'm sure I can find a place for something new." As well as getting ink, people were also treated to four live bands and dangerous stunts. "People really enjoyed the juggling chainsaws and all the feedback I have had has been good," said Mr Taylor. He said the charity skateboard auction also hit the mark, raising about $6000 for the Taranaki children's ward at Taranaki Base Hospital.


Flower Tattoos


Getting tattooed with a flower stands for enjoy, or higher specifically a pure love. Really should be point, about the 16th century, a rose was inked on folks condemned to loss of life, so would be recognized instantly if he or she actually escaped the gallows. Even so, these days the rose is usually inked as synonymous with cherish and passion. High of the skin icon meaning of this flower concerns the rose being a flower that is given throughout passionate events. Because of this , a rose is sometimes tattooed on someone to clearly show their adoration for some man or woman. It is not likely the coincidence which the rose tattoo is easily the most popular of all tats picturing blossoms, and much more so, because men are acquiring tattooed with flowers too. Just like a rose tattoo signifies true love as well as purity in the west, a skin icon with a lotus flower stands for identical factors inside the eastern. A tattoo together with the lotus flower, even though, gives with it a bit more symbolism. This specific skin icon additionally represents magnificence, benefits, lot of money, enlightenment, and peace. In the event that you decide yourself a perfect lover, you may need to possess a tulip tattooed in your arm to represent fame as well as passionate cherish. However, if you are a self conscious and timid individual, the violet tattoo is great for you.Finding inked using a flower can offer these kinds of distinct explanations along with being very beautiful and stylish. The flower tattoos is as small and dainty or as significant and strong as you wish. Whichever flower you choose, maybe it’s a rose, a lotus, a violet or any other your skin icon can say specifically what you would like it to.

Fajah Lourens Tattoos

Fajah Lourens is a wonderful Dutch actress, featured on the television soap opera entitled, Good times, bad times.

Fajah Lourens has an array of tattoos, including a batch of roses on her lower stomach, the zodiac sign of pisces on her right shoulder, a red devil on her back left shoulder blade, and finally a small design on her left hand.

Choosing a Cat Tattoo Design


Cats are incredible creatures and for some also simbolizes independence but when it comes to getting Ink encrusted in our skin to achieve a design there is a few things one has to keep in mind. For instance, choosing a unique design or custom made work is assential in order to avoid having something everyone else already have. Be creative, don't just choose what you normally see on other people.You might like tigers or black panthers but that don't mean the have to be posing or positioned just like the rest. You can have a reputable artist assist you on coming up with a creating that will only belongs to you, and having the kind of work that will make you proud not embarrased. If you're into pop culture, then you have to do research and try going to the best artist you can find since you will need someone who can capture emotions and expressions and translate them into that piece of artwork.Accuracy is important and one has to keep in mind that a well done job is priceless, so don't try going to the best artist and ask for a discount of simply don't expect going to just someone because they charge you a cheap price for something you will regret later on. I always recommend people to see the best artists, pay for quality, be creative and get custom made work. Being unique is what make us stand out in a crowd.

Traci Lords Cross Ankle Tattoo

Traci Lords is an American actress, producer, director, writer and singer, featured in movies such as Cry-Baby, Tommyknockers and Frostbite.

Traci Lords has a tattoo located on her left inner ankle, and the design appears to be a cross and flower combination.

Atomic Tattoos Toys for Tats Holiday Season Toy Drive to Benefit Local Families


For the eighth consecutive year, Atomic Tattoos is hosting their Toys for Tats toy drive benefiting the local U.S. Marine Corps Toys for Tots program. The goal of the program is to collect as many new unwrapped toys for needy children of all ages so they can experience the joys of the holiday season.Every person who brings in a new unwrapped toy with a five-dollar value or greater to their local Atomic Tattoos location will receive a $20 Atomic Tattoos gift certificate. The toys are given to the local U.S. Marine Corps Toys for Tots Foundation and distributed to local families in need within each community.Since Atomic Tattoos launched this community responsibility program in 2003, they have received and donated more than 15,000 toys that have helped brighten the holiday season for over 5,000 families in Tampa and Orlando, FL and Milwaukee, WI. Each year the total number of toys collected has increased significantly and the public participation has been tremendous.We believe that local businesses have a responsibility to contribute and donate directly to their local communities, states COO Clay Montgomery. Throughout the years, the generosity from our customers has been amazing and touched all of us. We have had customers drop off everything from video game consoles to custom-built bicycles.The Atomic Tattoos Toys for Tats campaign runs November 15, 2010 through December 24, 2010. Toys can be delivered during business hours at any of Atomic Tattoos fifteen locations. Ultimately, to me, Toys for Tats truly represents the ultimate spirit of giving because an anonymous person is brightening the holiday season for a child they will never know, Montgomery concludes.Atomic Tattoos is the largest and fastest growing tattoo retail brand in the $2 billion-a-year tattoo industry and has been selected for the past three years as one of Inc. Magazines 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies. Atomic Tattoos retail stores are located throughout Tampa Bay, Orlando and Milwaukee. For more information, please visit the companys website at
Contact Information:Stephen Cannon Atomic Tattoos Phone: 727.518.7819 Fax: 727.518.7801Email:

Rebecca Loos Neck and Lower Back Tattoos

Rebecca Loos is a Spanish-Dutch model and reality television star, featured on the television program Shownieuws and Celebrity Love Island.

Rebecca Loos is known for having a few tattoos, including a heart, sun, moon and stars design on her upper back and neck area.

She also has a tribal inspired tattoo on her lower back, and a tribal sun on her lower stomach.

The most fucked up thing? Ignorance


The worst thing about someone making a comment or asking a question is simply when they don't know what the fuck they're talking about, especially when it comes to Body Modification (especially when this person has had modifications performed on their bodies). To see someone with Body Modifications on them and hear them criticize others making an argument based on genter makes me sick. One can understand if a Tattoo, or piercing, etc is not well done, the best thing one can do is provide advice and a way to fix that problem instead of making the person feel bad or offended. Not too long ago while being at a gathering a tattooed female asked me why I had my earlobes stretched, I looked at her trying to comprehend what her point was and then she specified that only males stretch their ear lobes and women shouldn't. Knowing my temper, I decided to stay calmed and didn't even gave an answer to her statement since I am aware that such stupidity shouldn't be dignified with it. I understand not everyone has a full knowledge of what Body Modification is and also realized this person don't have a clue of the History of it in general. The fucked up part is that I allowed her to get away with it simply cause I tried avoiding her a major embarrasment along with an accurate reading simply to put her in place while making her look stupid in front of all those who were present. Perhaps this person don't even know this Blog exist but something tells me soon will find out about it (I can't wait) and the only choices this person will have are: to swallow her words, do some research and feel stupid once and educational update is achieved. Sometimes I rather stay quiet cause I do my best not to make anyone feel like shit and sometimes when I try to educate people they take it the wrong way. Sometimes I tend to put things in a simple way but when I use elaborated words and people don't know what those words actually mean they decide to come up with their own conclusions and spread the wrong message. When it comes to Tattoos I know some can be kind of rough looking and some can be delicate and feminine but that's a whole different story. Tattoos can be done in many ways and no matter how they look does not define a Sexual Preference or Gender and it could mean support to a Community. The last thing I want to hear is someone asking a male (for example) if he is Gay because he had a pink ribbon tattoed on instead of trying to ask what it means to him.

Kristanna Loken Tattoos

Kristanna Loken is an American actress, known for her role in movies such as Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, BloodRayne, and on the television series Painkiller Jane.

Kristanna Loken has a handful of body artwork, including a native American symbol for strength and a personal crest on her back left shoulder.

Her other tattoos include, a horse on her left ankle, plus a crescent moon and star on each wrist.

Bollywood's Ink Trend


Whats with Bollywood stars that they are so obsessed with getting “inked”? Is this a new found Fab thing or just a Hollywood inspiration that keeps waving B-town time and again? Whatever the case our actors nowadays are not shying away from getting under the needle and having a Tattoo sketched on them! Kets have a look at who’s sporting what and for whom? Lets start with our very own Saif Ali Khan. Unlike other actors Saif has never shyed away from displaying his affection for Bebo! To such an extent that their relation had just started of and he got his lady love’s name tattooed on his arm. The tattoo had been in the thick of many jokes though, but Saif carries the art with utter royalty! Esha Deol, though less known for her acting and more for being the brand ambassador for water purifiers, seems very religious and believes in portraying her spiritual sentiments through tattoos. Esha has Gayatri Mantra inked on her upper back. She definitely needs spiritual help for now with her career in Bollywood at least.Munni A.K.A Mallaika Arora Khan too has gotten herself a nice tattoo on her lower back which reads “Angel”. The tattoo looks awesomely artistic and has definitely not made her “Badnaam” for now! Sanju Baba can undoubtedly be called the king of all tattoo sporting superstars in bollywood. Yes, Sanjay Dutt supposedly has such an obsession for this art form that he has tattoos engraved all over his body. Unlike others he knows exactly what to get engraved and where. His well worked up and toned body looks swashbuckling under the almost half inked body. Lately he got Manyata’s name inked on his arm! There are many more who have got themselves Tattooed.

Some choosing tattoos over medical alert bracelets


For the better part of five decades, people with chronic health problems or severe allergies have worn MedicAlert bracelets to alert emergency staff to their conditions. But now there's a new trend, with some people turning to medical tattoos. Emma Bortolon Vettor, 19, is one of those who has a tattoo to tell the world she has a medical condition.
The tattoo names her condition (called chronic adrenal hyperplasia) and the medication she needs in case of an emergency. Vettor says that after years of going through plenty of MedicAlert bracelets and chains, she decided a tattoo on her arm would be the best way to ensure she's always properly identified. "I find I lose my bracelet, and they tend to break. So why not have a tattoo?" she says. She says the tattoo cost her about $150, while her MedicAlert registration carries a $39 annual fee. But Vettor also remains registered with MedicAlert and has her registration number included in the tattoo, just in case. Charles Brisbois also replaced his metal bracelet with tattoo ink. He's allergic to penicillin and can only receive Type "O" negative blood. He also doesn't like wearing jewellery and kept forgetting to put on his medic alert bracelet. So he decided to design his own tattoo.
"Tattoos aren't for everyone but if you are into tattoos, it's a great idea," he says. "It never gets lost. It's always with you." Heather Myles is the tattoo artist in Guelph, Ont. who designed the tattoo Vettor received. They picked the left arm because it's the same arm that a MedicAlert bracelet is typically worn on. It's also located in an area where health workers would normally insert an IV line. And they say they made sure the lettering could be easily read. "As long as you keep the font large and clear, it should hold up for a long time," says Myles. But some are not comfortable with the new trend. Robert Ridge of the Canadian MedicAlert Foundation notes that there are not guidelines on what information the tattoo should contain.
Nor does a tattoo offer the other benefits of a MedicAlert registration, which includes a hotline that will give emergency staff detailed medical information. "It may not work as intended to and it may not provide link back to the medical files, with MedicAlert," he says. He thinks a medical tattoo could work as a complement to his company's service. "But it's not nearly as well known as the usual bracelet or necklace. An emergency responder may miss it in an emergency," he says. Some emergency workers say they don't care for the medical tattoo trend either, agreeing that they're not trained to scan a patient's tattoos, looking for medical information. But Brisbois says he doesn't regret his tattoo. He says his penicillin allergy is not something that will ever change throughout his lifetime and he says his tattoo is large enough that he doesn't think anyone would miss it. Emma says while she still wears her medic alert bracelet when she travels – "You can never be too cautious," she says -- she knows that her tattoo is an alert she will never lose.

Photos of last Weekend's "The St. Louis Old School Tattoo Convention"


The St. Louis Old School Tattoo Convention returned over the weekend. The event featured three days of tattooing and presentations from some of the best tattoo artists from around the world. There was even a special guest appearance by Jason Voorhees II. All proceeds from the events will go to the Lyle Tuttle Tattoo Art Museum's Building Fund.